__________01 1010 1010011010 110010100______________________________ ______________;________________________ ______________________--------------%%%%%30&.exe ______________________________i dont like "good design" "good design" exists as a product of capitalism and design shouldnt exist to make money we've been duped into loving minimalism because its easy to manufacture 1 i want to be an auteur designer a maker because i want to explore forms we dont need anymore items, the traditional designer is no longer needed so in order to explore, I must create on the small scale, site specific I am interested in a different kind of design, design as a practice, rather than an industry Im not overly concerned with speed, practicality, economy, or reach, concerns such as those are killing animals and melting ice and I dont think design alone can fix those problems, and im not entirely sure "design" is that important in the grand scheme of things. I love "designing" far too much to be the judge of its value, so maybe i will just continue practicing it. *subject to change with my financial status, sadly