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A headset that allows you to see WIFI

spring 2022

A scientific instrument for the spatial study of data transmissions in the domestic space. The wearable instrument is an augmented reality headset that allows it’s user to experience the invisible soup of digital communications that make up our connected life. It acts as a directive antenna, listening to Wi-Fi signals at 2.44ghz so that the wearer can select what device they want to listen to by pointing their head towards it. Reactive visuals and audio create a sensory ecosystem of intercepted love, war, and culture in the midst of its transmission. By experiencing the flow of data itself, can we better empathize with the far off actions that make up our never ending scroll?

                    aluminum, HackRF software defined radio, arduino uno, 4.5 inch led screen, bluetooth headphones, acrylic, expanded neoprene, lots of wires