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Update: studio aqcuired! I will move in at the beginning of the New Year. I have high hopes for the magic that a space of my own could produce, but I will stay alert to the personal pitfalls I am likely to encounter. One of those pitfalls might be a question that I mentioned in the below post: how does what I do add value to my world? This is something I may never know, but I am coming to the idea that maybe 'added value' is a white whale and 'my values' could be enough. I have other questions that I'd like to ask/research/develop, most being far more tangible and better places to start. One is: "My phone is broken, do I buy a new one even though I kinda want out of the neverending phone cycle?" The are various reasons why I should probably get a new (to me) phone, but I cant shake the feeling that I dont want one. Other questions are: "Is there such a thing as true sustainability?" and "How do I fix my gas supply problem?" I will start developping these questions and hopefully by the time the new year comes along I can hit the ground running.
NOV 20
I am starting this blog in order to document the process of an upcoming project. In its current state, the project is no more than a few vague questions and an upcoming monthly filmmakers meetup. Why now? I've just been declined funding for a research/design fellowship that I knew was out of my league. On paper I had most of the qualifications and I think I could have done a good job of it, but I feel as though I was still too inexperienced for the role. The fellowship was for a media company and local design studio looking into the future of radio and audio technology. In the copious preparation for my application and later interview, I developed the framework of a process that I've unknowingly developped over my life of making things. It will be this framework that I will use to guide my project. While the last two weeks of fellowship prep might have amounted to failure, I feel positive knowing that lessons have been learned and I wont have to give myself over to a soulless media company for the next 10 months.
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